Advantages of having your own site are numerous:

  • Never announce a dreaded change of your email address again (for life), not to mention email groups and an unlimited combination of emails you can configure, which can help you dramatically reduce spam.
  • Enhance your online and offline reputation by managing your online presence in one location!
  • Create sources of income with entrepreneurial ideas and built-in marketplaces.
  • Have a voice by blogging yourself into others’ lives and go viral!
  • Get feedback that you manage for your own content and help to promote that which you admire.
  • Unfettered creativity and “landscaping” of your own real estate on the Internet! Social media sites don’t let you have the autonomy of your own domain. Without arbitrary and draconian rules of third party sites, you set your own parameters, even if you continue to use social media plugins!
  • Highlight the best of your life professionally, artistically and personally.

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