1015274_960_720Hosting & Domain Services!  For your convenience, please visit our Storefront to order our basic services, which include lots of features that we will help you set up for you!  This is what makes our value-added services superior to other web hosts.

Technology Services:

  • Network Administration
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Network Security
  • Translation Algorithms/Multi-Lingual Support

Data Management Services:

  • Document Management
  • Content Backup
  • Internet Cloud Configuration/Maintenance
  • Hard Media Production
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Document Conversion
  • Audio and Video Digitizing Services

Other Services:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Technical Writing/Documentation
  • Legal Technology Methodology & Solutions
  • Legal & Litigation Software Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Corporate Training


*Please note: Domain names that do not end in .com, .net and .org may be more than the default amount.  We will contact you if that is the case.

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